Our Story

Past to present.

It's been quite a journey.

Replay Avenue was born out of frustration with the record industry's failure to embrace the internet.

Only halfway through high school, Seth Holladay and Andrew Taverna started experimenting with the business model that would become Replay Avenue - with a focus on the artist experience instead of selling their work to retailers.

Technology is in our DNA and early work on the company often took a back seat while we fixed computers or ran phpBB forums about fixing robots.

We went through two name changes and years of work at Seth's house, fondly known as "the basement" - perfecting our theory on the future of the music industry.

Our business was formed at the height of LimeWire and the Sony rootkit scandal and we knew we had to make huge changes to the process of making music. Artists need control. Listeners need choice. The internet needs to be your friend.

Who better to sell music than the artist who made it? And how are these things not obvious? We still find it amazing.

In 2009, we moved to a retail space where you can walk in to record any time without a meeting, a demo, or fame and wealth, and you can walk out with a professional album good enough for the radio if you can perform. And if it's just for fun, well there's no contract - we're cool with that, too.

Our aim is to make music awesome for everyone and use every oppurtunity that comes our way to help you make and hear it.

We are children of the Loudness Wars, AutoTune, and CDs becoming obsolete. And we are barely getting started.